Industrial ceiling tiles are important components to creating a safe working environment

Industrial ceiling tiles, such as used in production facilities, warehouses and distribution centers, are expected to meet a variety of requirements special to each industry.

Heavy industry has different requirements when compared to the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry or a liquid processing plant, all of which face specific acoustic and indoor climate issues that need to be controlled.

When designing production areas, many different criteria must be considered: industrial noise control, appropriate lighting conditions, enhanced safety, and, in some cases, high levels of hygiene.

Supporting safety with improved acoustics industrial style ceiling panels

Industrial ceiling panels selected for their high sound absorption help to decrease the negative impact of long-term occupational noise exposure and to prevent permanent hearing loss in workers. Well-designed noise control systems inside a building in the industrial sector can decrease the costs associated with personal hearing protection devices and litigation associated with permanent hearing impairment.   

Sometimes, a ceiling grid suspension system cannot be installed in the industry sector. This can be due to a directive not to cover a facility’s service installations and equipment. Introducing acoustic baffles, or sound-absorbing ceiling clouds and islands can be a great alternative to the traditional suspended ceiling tiles for both new construction and renovations of existing buildings.

Complete industrial ceiling solutions go beyond the factory floor to provide confidentiality and concentration.

Within expansive manufacturing centers and warehouse designs, there usually are offices, conference rooms, training rooms, cafeterias and other interior spaces with separate and defined functions. Within these areas, an industrial drop ceiling can be an ideal fit. 

For private conversations taking place off the floor, sound-absorbing ceiling tiles can be combined with sound-blocking full-height walls or plenum barriers to help protect confidential conversations. This approach to optimized acoustics also can help workers who need a quiet break or a place to concentrate.

High levels of pollutants and contaminants also can lead to loss of concentration and irritation. Our stone wool ceiling products are certified to GREENGUARD® standards for low chemical emissions into indoor air during product usage.

Lighting also plays a role in concentration. Even light diffusion provided by a highly reflective ceiling panel can help minimize distracting hot spots and glare on computer screens and equipment monitors. Ceilings with high light reflectance also help reduce energy consumption by more effectively dispersing both natural lighting and energy-efficient LEDs or other artificial light.

Good lighting, indoor environmental quality, and acoustics are all recognized as part of healthy, sustainable practices in LEED® certified facilities and other green buildings.

Protecting health and hygiene at industrial space

Concentration, cleanliness and hygiene can be imperative in the supply chain when it involves producing and storing medicine, food or other heavily regulated products.

Strict and rigorous health codes address the surfaces found in these industries to avoid spreading bacteria. The ability to clean and disinfect building materials, including ceiling systems, is essential to protecting the health of both those working in these spaces and the people receiving the products made or stored there.

All of our stone wool and metal ceiling products inherently resist water and do not support the growth of potentially harmful bacteria and microorganisms. 

Where extra protection may be needed in these sensitive environments, our Rockfon® Hygienic Plus™ range of stone wool ceiling products meet requirements that further minimize contamination risk. These products also meet low particle-emission requirements and have a clean room classification of ISO Class 5 (ISO 14644-1).



Meeting the challenges of the modern office.

Office ceiling tiles and systems contribute to good acoustics, sustainable designs and attractive interiors that help employees be effective and efficient.



Building now, for the future

School ceiling tiles and suspended ceiling grid are the key components of a complete ceiling system that can help you create healthy, safe, beautiful and sustainable designs for universities, colleges, schools and other educational facilities.



Ceiling solutions for a safer way to heal

Healthcare ceiling tiles support cost-effective strategies to improve comfort and safety, while helping maintain caregiver and employee accuracy and productivity in hospitals, medical clinics, long-term care facilities, wellness centers and other healthcare spaces.



Ceiling solutions for a better shopping experience

Store ceiling designs assist in communicating the retail stores’ brand, as well as influencing the shoppers’ experience and buying behavior.



Recreation, entertainment and hospitality ceiling design ideas

Leisure facilities are often high traffic spaces with many people coming through in a day. It places a high demand on acoustics, fire safety, durability and design aesthetic.



Ceiling solutions for production and industrial settings

Industrial ceiling tiles, such as those used in production facilities, warehouses, and distribution centers, are expected to meet a variety of requirements specific to each industry.



Ceiling solutions for a better way to travel

Airport ceilings, railway station ceilings and other transportation hub ceilings can be decorative, functional and sustainable, which contributes to a better travel experience.

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