Our staggered ceiling tile patterns help break out of the typical drop ceiling boxed grid for more creative interior design layouts

January 1, 1

Ceiling tile patterns don’t have to stay square. We offer a number of easy-to-install layouts for suspended ceilings including staggered, basket weave, brick, ascending, rose, check and more.

These decorative ceilings can convey a sense of dynamic flow, playfulness, energy or tranquility and enrich modern living with aesthetically appealing, productive spaces to work, discover and thrive.

Design a premium look with standard components

Combining the premium look of customization with cost-competitive options, Rockfon patterned solutions rely on standard ceiling components and Chicago Metallic® 1493 Unopposed Tee Clips. Specify the Chicago Metallic® 1493 Unopposed Tee Clip when a code compliant connection is needed and two cross tees are not connected providing peace of mind throughout the ceiling’s lifespan. 

We have altered that standard format in the open office area by using 2-by-8 panels with an exposed grid, in a staggered pattern. It’s still typical of an office, but uses a non-typical size. It’s nice to see something different and still works very well with the 2-by-4 recessed lighting.

Lorelie Ratz

SRM Architects

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