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January 1, 1

Rockfon has created three tools designed to help you select the ceiling tile and wall solutions to optimize acoustical performance.

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Rockfon’s Optimized Acoustics™ design approach is your way to ensure your building design is on the right path toward compliance with industry standards and with meeting owner expectations.

First, you determine the Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) that is required for the ceiling. This leads you to several Rockfon ceiling panel options to control noise in open spaces or improve speech intelligibility in enclosed rooms.

Second, you determine the Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating for your interior walls. This leads you to options and details for either using full-height walls or combining our ceilings and Rockfon® Plenum Barrier Board to achieve the right amount of privacy.

Third, based on the STC rating you just determined, you see what background sound level is required to ensure your privacy goals are met.

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