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January 1, 1

Color plays a vital role in influencing our experiences inside buildings and enhancing the architectural form.

Like anything in design that is important, color is also complex. The use of color is never neutral. Whether you want to ignite creativity, increase productivity or make a room seem bigger or smaller, we have the ceiling solution to bring your color vision to life.

Create a thought-provoking palette to spark creative spirit and make a positive impact on the whole mood of a space.

  • Establish harmony, warmth or comfort with earth tones of bronze, brown, cork and gray ceiling tiles.
  • Infuse energy with vibrant accents in gold, orange, and red.
  • Communicate elegance using metal reflectance colors including satin silver, iron glimmer or copper metallic finishes.
  • Go for a faux-wood look ceiling by selecting a low maintenance metal option including metal panels, planks, or ceiling tiles.
A good color does not exist in isolation – like a musical note, it is in combination that it evokes emotional response.

Angela Wrigh

Color psychologist

Color influences mood and function

Colors evoke physical and psychological reactions. Brightness or color temperature creates different moods and ambiance. Our perception of a color also changes depending on whether it stands alone, is dominating a space or if it exists in combination with other colors. For example, warm colors are considered stimulating, while cool colors generally have a calming effect.

One of the most striking results about color connotations and color mood associations is their consistency cross-culturally from one individual to another. Color is an international visual language understood by all. The impression of a color and the message it conveys is of utmost importance in creating the psychological mood or ambiance that supports the function of a space.

Color schemes can even be used to indicate the purpose and usage of a space. They can be used to create boundaries and transition. Designers think about how the visual stimulation in a space will be perceived by the brain to evoke a desired cultural response. This is of utmost importance in environments where varied spaces have different tasks and functions to avoid any confusion that can cause stress in the occupants.

Standard, premium and custom color options

We offer a full spectrum of hues for acoustic stone wool ceiling panels, specialty metal ceiling panels and baffles, and ceiling suspension systems.

For our Rockfon® Color-All™ acoustic stone wool tiles, 34 exclusive colors are available in a smooth surface, a choice of edges and lengths, while providing high acoustic and fire performance. Each of these colors is harmonized to match with our metal ceiling panels and grid, too.

The best ceiling colors will be the ones that match your project’s personalized palette. Our RAL Colors program helps you find the precise hue you need in our metal ceiling panels, specialty metal baffles, and suspension systems.

Even if plain, flat white acoustic drop ceilings make up the majority of the space, a splash of color – especially one custom-matched and meaningful to the occupants – can bring the design vision clearly into focus.

Wood Look Ceiling without the Fuss 

Along with our selection of Color-All options, our specialty metal ceiling panels are also available in Woodscenes™ painted finishes and Metalwood® simulated wood grain finishes.  Our assortment of painted wood finishes add the look of a wood ceiling without the maintenance and upkeep of real wood.  

[Rockfon faux wood ceiling tile] looks like real wood and matches the color of the trim in the existing facility. The all-metal product will hold up better than real wood.

Adam Easterling

E&E Acoustical and Drywall, Inc.

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